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Unemployment Compensation

The average Wisconsin employer in 2009 paid between .05% and 9.8%, depending on the category of compensation, of taxable wages in U.C. taxes, well below the U.S. average. Employers pay U.C. taxes on the first $10,500 of wages paid annually to each employee.

Workers Compensation

Wisconsin’s worker’s compensation rates for most industries consistently rank among the lowest in the country.

For a side by side comparison of Wisconsin vs. Minnesota workers compensation rates, click here.


Even though St. Croix Business Park is located within the Minneapolis/St. Paul MSA, wage rates in St. Croix County are generally lower than the MSA average. Businesses benefit by having close geographic location to the metro area and the lower wage rates of an outlying area.

For wage information for Hudson, Wisconsin, as well as the St. Croix County, Wisconsin area, please follow the following links:
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St. Croix County Economic Profile – 2011 now available

For a side by side comparison of Wisconsin vs. Minnesota tax rates, click here.
“If a businessperson builds a $1 million building in Wisconsin instead of Minnesota the property tax savings alone (over 10 years) would pay for the building.”
Rich Forschler, NAIOP Lobbyist and Attorney
at Faegre & Benson

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