St. Croix Business Park
Energy and Utility Costs
Availability and affordability of energy costs is critical to running a business in any locale. Wisconsin electric rates are among the lowest in the country; commercial and industrial water and sewer rates are also among the lowest in the nation.

Xcel Energy

Xcel Energy is the provider for St. Croix Business Park.
Why Wisconsin?

Why Your Business Should Be Located
in St. Croix Business Park

  • Lower Property Taxes for Business & Industry
  • Economic Development Tax Credits
  • Lower Workers Compensation Rates
  • St. Croix Business Park Fund
  • Regional Business Fund Loans
  • Energy Tax Credits for Manufacturing & R&D
  • Enterprise Development Zone Incentives (up to $3 Million in corporate tax credits for significant projects)
  • Technology Development Fund for Industry R&D
  • Quality Workforce Supported by Colleges & Universities

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