St. Croix Business Park
There are a variety of generous financial incentives offered at the local, regional and state level to businesses wishing to expand within the St. Croix Business Park.

Below are links to information on incentives.

The City of Hudson / St. Croix Business Park Loan Fund offers a flexible source of loan funds for businesses wishing to expand or locate in the St. Croix Business Park. The purpose is to encourage job creation and to increase the tax base. The fund will participate in loans with private lenders to qualified borrowers.

The Regional Business Fund, Inc. (RBF, Inc.)
is a non-profit economic development corporation whose purpose is to promote business and economic development in west central Wisconsin. The RBF, Inc. offers loan funds to businesses that expand within the region, diversify the economy, add new technology and create quality jobs and capital investment in the region. Following are some of the loan programs available through the RBF, Inc.

The state of Wisconsin offers considerable tax exemptions, credits and incentives.
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The Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) is a flexible source of loan funds for commercial and industrial projects. The purpose is to encourage the creation of quality jobs and to increase the tax base.

The Micro Loan Fund Program
provides small loans to startup, newly established, or growing small businesses. The key objective is to assist business owners, who have traditionally had difficulty accessing debt financing, by affording them another alternative to obtain credit.

The Technology Enterprise Fund (TEF)
is a “quasi-equity”, or a patient debt, revolving loan fund that provides creative financing to new and emerging technology companies

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