St. Croix Business Park
Tax Savings
Property Taxes

Wisconsin’s business taxes are among the lowest in the country due to property tax exemptions - computers and related equipment, manufacturing machinery and equipment, manufacturing inventories, merchant’s inventories, and pollution controls equipment are all exempt from property tax. Since property taxes are a recurring business expense, the savings earned could go a long way in paying for a new or existing facility.

Corporate Income Taxes

Businesses that are incorporated in Wisconsin and foreign corporations that have nexus with the state are subject to a 7.9% tax on the income of the corporation. The flat 7.9% rate has not been changed in the past 20 years.

Hudson’s property tax rate is only $14.65 per $1,000 of assessed value (2010 real estate tax millrate).
Sales and Use Tax

Wisconsin’s sales tax rate is 5% with the St. Croix County sales tax rate being 0.5%. Total Sales Tax rate for businesses located in the St. Croix Business Park: 5.5%

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Why Wisconsin?

Tax Study Shows Wisconsin’s
Continued Advantages

In March 2010, the Minnesota chapter of the National Association of Industrial and Office Properties (NAIOP) released its 23rd annual comparative tax study for the payable 2009 tax year. NAIOP concludes that the property tax burden under which Minnesota businesses toil tops all other states in the study except one. Meanwhile, property taxes paid by business and industry in Wisconsin rank much lower than the taxes paid by Minnesota businesses. Wisconsin’s taxes were found to be lower than all of Minnesota’s neighboring states except for North Dakota.

The study compares property tax and other tax costs of doing business in Minnesota for a typical manufacturing business with taxes paid by a similar business in comparable, competing states.

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